Runes of Zun Forbidden Lands

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Forbidden Lands

Adventure Awaits

With 36 Different Locations

Forbidden Lands is a different kind of expansion for Runes of Zun. It introduces Location cards that change the game rules as you play. Travel through them with your friends to spice up your game.

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Promo Cards

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Make a pact with dark forces, unleash a dangerously rewarding storm, and break the very fabric of reality. One of the promos even breaks the rules by hiding in your rune card deck! All 3 promos were available to pre-order customers. Let us know if you would be interested in getting your hands on them. We might make some more available in the future.

Escape the realm of Zun

Runes of Zun Lore

It all started with a mysterious arch covered in ancient runes. Many scholars and historians studied every part of the buried structure found near the southern stretch of The Barrier. They quickly realized that this was the key to seeing the rest of the world.

Bustling cities, vibrant forests, deep ravines – the inscriptions detailed various destinations, all spread throughout the globe, but there was nothing explaining how to use the arch to go to any of them. It took a decade of trial and error, but finally, a portal was opened. After a thousand years of isolation, we, the people of Zun, were free.

But what awaited us was not quite what we expected. The world beyond The Barrier was far more chaotic and dangerous. Cities abandoned, their ruins overgrown. Smaller settlements staving off the wilds. Unnatural anomalies and bizarre structures.

We soon realized that the tales of The Great Conflict were not only true, but the magic fallout that came of it still ruled the lands beyond their sheltered realm.

Of course, travel beyond The Barrier was quickly outlawed, but it was too late to stop you, the curious people of Zun. Replicas were made, and greed leaked the methods of portal creation spells. Soon enough, adventurers like you — squads of explorers, gangs of miscreants, heirs of noble families, or anyone else looking to push their luck for a chance of gold or glory — struck out into the wilds.

For one reason or another, you are one of those who wish to go out to see the new world outside.

As you may know, it typically takes at least two runecasters to maintain a portal, and they are often too unstable to hold for long. I hope you have selected honest allies in this endeavor.

Now, it is only natural that many will use the opportunity to settle disputes in duels or attempt assassinations while outside the Barrier. I assume none of you are of this mind. If you find yourself in a fight, however, don’t be afraid to change your battlefield to suit your needs.

But I warn you: Any who enter a portal must anchor themselves to it in case something goes wrong. Those who lose connection to their portal will be lost forever to the forbidden lands.”

— Lord of For Festka

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