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Reckless Magic Kickstarter and Forbidden Lands offer extended

Dave Balmer, Mar 17 2023

Our Shipmaster Eric had to step away for a few weeks to handle some family stuff. Everything’s fine now. He’s back and we started shipping out Reckless Magic Kickstarter rewards (some of you may already have yours in-hand). Shipping should continue the next couple weeks. We’re still waiting on Collector’s boxes, playmats, and the Reckless Magic special edition decks, so some rewards will go out next month. I’ll update when we have those in stock and ready.

Due to these delays (including Year One), we’re extending the free pre-order promo offer for Forbidden Lands through the end of April. This means more players will have a chance to catch up and still get in on the offer.

Thank you so much for your support and have a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


New Pre-Order Promos!

Dave Balmer, Feb 14 2023

Pre-order sales have been amazing! As a thank you, we’re offering everyone three free promo cards! They’re all Locations that have ridiculously game-altering effects. One of them even breaks the Location rules and hides in your rune card deck…

Thank you all and I hope you have a Happy Valentines Day!


Forbidden Lands Release

Dave Balmer, Jan 27 2023
“Imagine you’re playing the game but in a different place. That place affects rune cards and how you can play. What if you could then travel to other places during the game? They would have their own effects on the game as well. Maybe you don’t have control of where you end up, making it more tricky to adapt to the changes.”

That was the general idea I had back in 2020. We were done shipping out the original Runes of Zun Kickstarter rewards and had some downtime over the holidays. Alex threw together the first prototype of what would become Location cards. Along with Eric, we tested the first version and it was… not great. It was extra fiddly and needed work.

Well, we put in the work. We’ve been working very hard the last two years to refine this simple idea into an expansion that we’re very proud of. It would have cool game effects and we finally have a chance to reveal more of the lore of Zun. Not just the story you can piece together from the locations and their text, but also the very rich art style we’ve chosen for them.

Forbidden Lands is the first set of Location cards for Runes of Zun. We made 36 different locations, each with its own art and game effects. We even grouped them by challenge level so that you could ease into them, or only use a few for new players. You can also set your deck to have only the more difficult Locations. It’s up to you!

In an effort to keep things more manageable, we’re not running a Kickstarter for this or future expansions. Kickstarter is not the right tool for content that we want to release more than once a year. We’re accepting pre-orders now to help fund manufacturing and should be shipping this June. If you have any questions, I encourage you to join our Discord server and get in the discussion.

Thank you so much for your support! You are the best, and we hope to keep bringing you awesome content like this in the future.


Year One and Reckless Magic Update

Dave Balmer, Jan 25 2023

TL;DR: Basically, we’re great at product development but have had to learn some hard lessons about publishing and delivering physical goods. If you’re waiting on a product, know that we’re still here, we appreciate you and haven’t forgotten about you.

We had some big problems with manufacturing the Year One collection Kickstarter rewards, and we have a few hundred players waiting to even play Runes of Zun. We understand the frustration. We feel it, too, and are working hard to get those rewards out, probably by the end of March.

The Reckless Magic expansion was run as a hybrid between pre-sales and Kickstarter. Unfortunately, this scenario stretched out our time to deliver and staggered between the two groups of players. While most of the pre-orders have gone out, we haven’t started with the Kickstarter rewards yet. Those will be going out in February unless you added playmats or the Collector’s box. Those won’t be in until March.

In short, we hope to have everything caught up in the next couple of months. Unfortunately, some of our Kickstarter Backers will get things out of sequence. Of course, that’s not what we planned, but that’s where we are. On the bright side, we’re near the finish line.

Thank you all very much for your support and patience. Launching a new game company and product line is really tough. But your support and positive attitude have been amazing!



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