Runes of Zun Cards

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Rune cards are the heart of Runes of Zun. They’re designed to be approachable and easy to spot on the table. New players can get started more quickly because they can focus on the game itself and leave more of the visuals to the imagination.

New Forbidden Lands Location Cards change the game 36 different ways and work alongside your existing Runes of Zun deck.

Runes of Zun

Released Nov 2020 (60 Cards)

Action Packed Expansion

Released November 2020 (18 Cards)

Shadow Tactics Expansion

Released March 2021 (18 Cards)

Arcane Secrets Expansion

Released July 2021 (18 Cards)

Reckless Magic Expansion

Released Dec 2022 (36 Cards)

Promo Cards

Released Dec 2020 - Dec 2022 (18 Cards)