Runes of Zun

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New Expansion and Curated Deck!

Reckless Magic is a new double-size expansion for Runes of Zun available to pre-order. Also try the new curated deck which is ready-to-play! Plus free foil promo cards for a limited time!

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Game Overview

The basics of Runes of Zun in 7 slides

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Featured Card

This Changes Everything

Twist Cards to Your Desires!

REDUCE is the anti-Boost. Reckless Magic comes with 8 of these new modifier cards. Use them in place of Boost cards to lower their effect or reverse them! Instead of healing, deal damage! Draw cards instead of discarding them. Cards new and old will bend to your will!

REDUCE is part of the new Reckless Magic expansion and the ready-to-play curated deck available now on Kickstarter

“Reduce can change the intent of most any rune card in the new expansion and most cards before it. This card alone is worth putting in any Runes of Zun deck!”
— Dave Balmer, creator of Runes of Zun

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It’s “Magic” + “Uno”

Not literally of course
  • Collectible card game meets casual party game
  • Easy to learn and teach
  • Fast 1×1 duels
  • Really shines with 3+ players
  • Play for yourself or team up
  • Start with 2-4 players
  • Add more cards to play up to 8!

New “immune” Card Effect

It’s like “forced” but completely different

Some cards have additional effects like “forced” and “ongoing”. With the new Year One promo cards, we’re launching a new effect.

“Immune” actions and reactions will have their effects played out regardless of any other cards in play. It’s a simpler way of saying “this card ignores other card effects” which we’ve used on some cards in the past. All future printings of those cards will have that phrase replaced with the new “immune” effect.

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