Runes of Zun Reckless Magic

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Reckless Magic

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With this double-sized expansion

Reckless Magic comes packed with 36 cards made from 15 all-new designs — twice as many as previous expansions. Mix in some or all of these double-edged actions, modifiers, and reactions into your Runes of Zun deck.

Master Class

Runes of Zun Lore

“Inflict — a deadly weapon in the hands of the careless fanatic or the hardened warrior. Reduce — known for making volatile even the most peaceful runes. Reverse — similarly sought after for its ability to warp the nature of incoming rune spells.

You’ve all heard of these runes, I’m sure. Even if not named directly, you’ve probably seen them described before. The runes that you should avoid using. The so-called ‘reckless runes.’

To hold your own in battle, you should learn how to wield even the most dangerous runes out there, just in case. Better to have a fighting chance than to forfeit without trying.

These runes can be found nearly everywhere, yet few are brave enough to use them. Today, you’re going to learn what they look like and how best to manage their downsides. Who knows, they could save your life.”
— Rune-Master Shallar Sin