Runes of Zun Reckless Magic Rules

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Reckless Magic Rules

How to Get Reckless

  • Add some or all the cards to your Runes of Zun deck
  • Experience a bunch of tricky cards with a “give and take” theme
  • Watch for clever ways to use the new Reduce and Reverse cards

As part of the theme, there are new “Reduce” cards, which work like opposite Boosts. They can be used to modify any card that allows Boost by lowering effects and even flipping them completely! Most of the other cards have something good and something bad, so by adding modifiers like Reverse and Boost, you can twist them into double-good and double-bad effects.

Reduce and Boost

The Reduce rune card acts as an “anti-Boost.”

  • Like Boost, it only affects the digits on rune card text (eg “1” but not “one”).
  • Also like Boost, you may play it on any card that allows Boost.
  • Unlike Boost, it subtracts 1 from all digits on rune card text.
  • Additionally, 0 is always skipped so that you never end up with a card that does 0 things while using Reduce or Boost.


Cards Effect
Attack 1HP damage
Attack + Boost 2HP damage
Attack + Reduce -1HP damage
Attack + Boost + Reduce 1HP damage (the Boost and Reduce cards cancel each other out)

Notice that Reduce can reverse card effects if it brings an effect digit below 0.

Reversing Card Effects

Both Reduce and Reverse can change a card’s intent and even reverse its effects. This is pretty straightforward with HP, but it gets tricky with other types of effects. Here’s a chart to help sort them out:

Increase Reduce
Draw Discard
Give to Take from
Hide Reveal
Set digits to (a number) Set digits to (a number), reverse it
At (a certain time eg “the start of your turn”)… return to your hand At (a certain time eg “the start of your turn”)… discard

Note that the chart is reversible, so A->B or B->A apply.


  • A card effect with a negative number upon being resolved must be converted into a reverse effect
  • Going from 1 to negative 1 or negative 1 to 1 is always only one step (always skip 0)
  • Only reverse card effects that are directly tied to negative numbers (as shown in the chart)
  • Only reverse a card’s effects once an Action resolves, never before – this allows numbers to potentially get reversed and then unreversed and back again depending on cards like Reverse and Redirect with Reduces/Boosts (this lets numbers go to negatives and even back to positive again before checking during the Action’s resolution)
  • A card effect reversal is treated as if multiplying the card’s digits by negative 1 for each instance of reversal (from effects like Reverse)
  • Treat each new instance of a card effect via Share as a separate entity (such as when Reactions like Reverse and Redirect are involved) using only the Modifier cards played alongside that card when it was played. This means that an Attack with a Boost played together with a Share starts at 2 damage but may end up with different results based on the Reactions used by the two targets.

Special Reversal Cases

Some cards don’t intuitively reverse their effects easily. Here are some important reversal exceptions to keep in mind:

  • Using Revive + Reduce to bring back another player is tricky. If you use 2 or more Reduce cards, you’ll bring them back with at most 3 cards drawn and -1HP. Basically, in the case of two Reduce cards, they are immediately re-defeated but will draw and discard 3 cards.
  • Recharge needs close attention paid to the digits and number text. It’s tricky.
  • Cheat with Reduce means you give cards to the discard pile instead of taking them


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